The Adventure Begins!

251492_10150737587625504_6477644_nHello! My name is Hollie Gordon and I am the founder and director of Milaana. Meaning “to connect in hindi, if you’ve had a look around you’ll know that Milaana is a social enterprise that aspires to connect passionate individuals with community-oriented organisations for impact placement opportunities. A university student myself, I’m very aware of the pressure to get valuable work experience and simply thought the best place to get such experience is at community-oriented organisations where the work is truly valued and worthwhile.

Community focused organisations and university students have SO much to offer each other, they just need a platform that makes their engagement easier! aims to fulfil this need!

This idea was born just a few months ago in late May and already, the business has been registered and a prototype of the site is already up and running! I have been working closely with the team at Net Engine who are the wizards behind the development of the actual website aswell as with Peter Ball, a social enterprise guru whose wealth of experience with “socent” startups has helped make riding this giant learning curve a much smoother process.

While the website is in the very early stages of development and almost functional, I have BIG plans for its future. Some things planned include:

  • Students will be able to create their own profiles for organisations to peruse. They will also be able to monitor positions & streamline the application process
  • Enhanced functionality like matching and rating capabilities as well as tools to manage the project placements from start to finish
  • Milaana generated content like Performance evaluation templates to help both students and organizations make the most of their impact placements
  • A “mentor” position for each project, available to private sector employees to oversee and contribute their expertise to the projects
  • A “Brainstorming” page where all Milaana members can contribute ideas and solutions to engaging discussions via existing social media platforms.

The Milaana_org twitter account is also up and running and will feature snapshots of Milaana’s development aswell as quirky bits of information that amuse and inspire us.

I sincerely hope you will join our Milaana community and be a part of this exciting stage of development.

All in all, welcome to Milaana’s Blog and WATCH THIS SPACE


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