is live!

Hooray! is live! The site is now fully functional in its first iteration and ready for organisations to start posting projects and for students to start applying for them!

Big thanks must go to the incredible folks at NetEngine for their hard work in getting the website to this stage! Thank You!

I’ve been peddling (on my little blue bicycle) all around Brisbane, talking to some great people at a whole range of community-oriented organisations. Personally it is really uplifting to be meeting so many passionate individuals who love and believe in the causes that their organisations are supporting. It is my hope that Milaana well help young Australian’s to find cause and careers that they can be similarly passionate about. The organisations i’ve been talking to are getting excited about Milaana and some are preparing their own impact projects to post on Milaana in the coming weeks!!

To fund the next round of website developments I am applying for a Commercialisation Australia “Proof of Concept” grant so that can reach it’s full potential and become a self-sustaining social enterprise before too long! Wish me luck! It is a long process but has been extremely helping in getting the core concepts behind Milaana onto paper and transforming Milaana from a wistful idea to a fully fledged social business plan.

For students, we already have some great projects online to start applying for –

  • E-Commerce development for Youth Emergency services, a fantastic organisation with a visionary leader that aims to help young people in Brisbane facing Homelessness.
  • Event volunteer for Random Hacks of Kindness , a project hosted by NetEngine
  • Awareness Campaign for Milaana! I am looking for a number of students to fill positions like Marketing Assistant and Student Ambasadors to help spread the word about Milaana over the coming months.

So head on over to to check it out and i’ll keep you posted about new projects and Milaana developments as they happen!

I’d love to hear any feedback you may have and if you are an organisation interested in posting a project, please don’t hesitate to contact me at and i’ll bicycle over to see you!!

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