Our vulnerable Youth

Youth are a group close to Milaana’s heart as we are starting our mission of increased community engagement with Australia’s Youth, specifically current and recent university students facing rising Youth Unemployment. Not all youth are as fortunate as those Milaana actively engages with whose primary concerns include finding a graduate job, indeed far from it. Through helping the organisations that support our most vulnerable youth though, Milaana can still help. Interestingly, it’s those youth-oriented organisation who seem to be all over modern systems of engaging support and therefor more open to engaging with Milaana.

logoOne such organisation, Youth Emergency Support (YES) was the first organisation that supported Milaana thanks to the vision of its CEO, Christopher Miller. YES has been providing specialist accommodation and support services to young people who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness in Brisbane since 1978. Check out their E-Commerce project here!!

In a recent post I mentioned my meeting with Jarryd of the Redcliffe Youth Space and on Friday I met with another pioneer in this area,  Richard Langsford, the CEO of  the Brisbane Youth Shelter (BYS). The BYS supports homeless and disadvantaged young people (aged 12-25 years) and their children, to secure and maintain housing. Our youth face numerous serious issues from mental health problems, to domestic conflict and youth homelessness, all issues I believe our society largely overlooks to the peril of these youth.

On any given night in Australia 105,000 people are homeless, and nearly half of these people are under 25.

On any given night, there are approximately 50,000 homeless youths in Australia
On any given night, there are approximately 50,000 homeless youths in Australia

Youth Homelessness

That’s 50,000 young people without permanent accommodation. For young people, the period between 12 and 25 is a critical time during which they experience significant physical, mental and emotional changes. While most young people manage the transition successfully, a minority do not. Some young people are at particular risk because they have additional challenges and fewer resources and supports to draw on; these young people face a higher risk of doing poorly and not reaching their full potential.

13-10-1 bys-logo-hr_195x252 Brisbane Youth Shelter provides emergency support and a range of services to assist young people to address physical & mental health issues, establish successful relationships & support networks and access pathways to education & long term employment. The experience of BYS shows that addressing these issues enables young people to live independently in the community and helps them achieve their personal aspirations.

These organisations are out on the front lines of Youth Issues providing shelters as well as roving teams who walk the street looking for youths who they may be able to extend a helping hand to. Another fantastic Youth-oriented organisation is Save the Children, Australia’s leading independent emergency relief and development organisation for children.  Taking their mission beyond our borders, their vision is

A world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Their fundraising campaign – One Dollar Day is when they ask everyone who can to give just $1 for those who can’t. A small amount to help relieve big issues. Some children in the world have so much, while so many have so very little.

  • 7.6 million children die every year from preventable diseases.
  • 67 million school-aged children are not in school.

There are 3 ways to engage with this event. The first is obvious – donate $1 during October. The other 2 are more engaging and these positions are posted on the Projects Page on Milaana

  1. One Dollar Day Champion

  2. One Dollar Day Street Collection Volunteer

And you can apply on the above links straight away! By volunteering with these organisations or directly donating to them, YOU can directly impact and help the Youths and Children in Australia and throughout the world.

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