Making ideas happen and engaging Students

Snapshot from the Ideashoist interview

In the past week i have been very fortunate to have featured on two online platforms for Milaana’s work. One is a great Australian website called Ideas hoist, a digital platform for Australian’s making ideas happen. Ideas Hoist is the brain child of Steven Speldewinde from the Social Deck and I was beyond honoured to interviewed! They have started a great initiative and their aim is to build a community that can learn from each other’s experiences, promote each other’s ideas and generally help each other out where possible. They ask great questions and you can click here to see to read the full interview 🙂

In case this wasn’t a surreal enough experience for me, in the same week I found myself on an “expert panel” for the Guardian’s Social Enterprise Q&A on Students and Social Enterprise! Whilst the rest of the panel were largely UK based, as a student whose recently founded a Social Enterprise – i seemed to fit the bill!. It was wonderful to share ideas and brainstorm with such an incredible group of individuals working from all angles to help more students become involved with Social enterprises. To top things off, I was also asked to write a short piece about how to overcome the challenges student social entrepreneurs face from my own experience and why students should get involved in Social enterprise. An excerpt from my piece was posted here on the Guardian website but I will also post the full piece in my next post.

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