Hero Profile – Nelson!

This is the first of the profiles on Milaana’s amazing Heros – the passionate and talented young people pooling their energy and talents to see Milaana shine. First in this series is the wonderful  Nelson Granja!

Nelson!Country: Ecuador      Age: 26      

University: The University of Queensland

Studying/Major:  Msc. Technology and Innovation

Area of Interest: Design Thinking, Innovation

Hobbies: Running, Dancing Salsa, Soccer.

Briefly describe yourself. Where your from, what your dreams are and something quirky!

From the middle of the World, from Ecuador. Young professional passionate with innovation and social business. Outgoing, positive and a big fan of the good crazy ideas.

What made you want to join Milaana as a Hero?

Getting my hands into day to day of building up a start-up, connecting people and the chance to figure out ways to do things different and better.

Have you ever done an internship before besides Milaana? If so, out of all the internships you have done, what made Milaana different? Describe your experiences with Milaana so far. 

Yes, a few years ago in Movistar, which is a very large telecommunications company. With Milaana you can share your ideas without any problem, it is more a horizontal structure so anyone can jump into the stage and explain their ideas for the team.

When you complete your placement for Milaana soon, what do you want to have achieved? And what is next for you?

I want to see Milaana with heaps of students applying for the opportunities we are looking for them and I want to develop an structure than we can duplicate in different countries.

As a Milaana Hero, what skills and abilities are you improving?

It is a little bit of everything and that is the challenge. Starting from Market research and business analysis, then SEO, web design and how develop and organise processes for Milaana.

Describe Milaana and your experience in under 10 words.

Big challenge to convince myself that great things can be done.

Thank You Nelson for your energy, technological guidance and work ethic, your an invaluable Hero!

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