Hero Profile – Rahul!

Meet another of our incredible Heroes – Rahul! 


Name: Rahul Saxena                 Age: 23

Country: Australia

University: University of Queensland

Studying: Masters in Business (Entrepreneurship)

Area of Interest: Entrepreneurship, start up development

Hobbies: Movies, reading, chatting with family and friends , writing poems and stories, listening to music.

Briefly describe yourself. Where your from, what your doing, what your dreams are and something quirky!

Originally from India, have studied and lived in three continents – Asia (India), Europe( United Kingdom ) and now Australia. I consider myself lucky to have experienced three different cultures and this makes me bit multicultural. I am  from a health science background and now studying entrepreneurship. I aim to work with  start-ups and help in their development. It gives me immense satisfaction as challenge to work with start-ups allows me creative space to work as I wish and any achievement seems like achieving a milestone.  Later on , I would like to start my own venture and also make films, considering I am a big time movie buff.

Describe Milaana and your experience in under 10 words.

A mindblowing opportunity to have cherishable moments with wonderful people!

What made you want to join Milaana as a Hero?

As said before i love working with start ups as they give me a challenge. Besides that, I liked this concept of social entrepreneurship. Also, Hollie, the founder came up as a very inspiring person and I thought I would learn a lot from her. Lastly, the other Milaana heroes are superb people with tons of intelligence which I am sure will help me learn some skills.

 Have you ever done an internship before besides Milaana?

Yes I have worked before as intern in Tata Steel London , gained graduate experience at start-up in India , and doing some extra  voluntarily work at Redcross and Asia Pacific  Screen Awards and many more.

If so, out of all the internships you have done, what has made Milaana different? Describe your experiences with Milaana so far.

Milaana is different, for it is a social entrepreneurship venture . Besides all the members of the team are students which makes it very interesting as everyone brings on table amazing ideas. I have not faced a single day when we have had conflict of opinion. Everyone appreciates other’s opinion and criticism openly. At milaana , no one has any ego issues and are very open minded which makes it very refreshing experience.

So far, I have got an opportunity to work on corporate engagement with developing mentorship programmes. Besides I also got to work on legal terms. On all these occasions, I have had chance to interact with co team mates, who gave healthy inputs. I also gave inputs on other’s work and no time did anyone of us feel offended. This makes Milaana a great experience, where I know we have chance to work freely without any  fears of offending anyone.

As a Milaana Hero, what skills and abilities are you improving? 

I am building on skills of business development,  strategy, communication skills, team working skills and ability to multi task. I am learning how to work together with individuals with so many diverse backgrounds.

When you complete your placement for Milaana , what do you want to have achieved? And what is next for you?

I want Milaana to achieve something from my contribution. I want to help Milaana get going with mentorship programme. Besides, I want Milaana to grow as a business from the whole team’s efforts. If that is done, I would consider my efforts to be beneficial and that would be biggest gain for me. I would like to be associated with Milaana later on as well.


Rahul, thank you for your passion, ideas and hard work, you always brighten the room with your energy and are an invaluable member of our team!! – Hollie

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