Spreading awareness at Bond University!

Last Friday saw out first ever student event at the Bond University “Club Sign-on Day”!


IMG_5562 - Version 2
Our snazzy Milaana Ambassador t-shirts printed just in time! What do you think?

We’ve been preparing for this day for quite some time, getting pamphlets and snazzy Ambassador t-shirts designed by the fabulous students of Griffiths Liveworm studio, honing our message and building a great team of Milaana Ambassadors at Bond. I must admit that I was a bit nervous of all the “unknown” as whilst i’ve tested and received great feedback about Milaana from organisations, we hadn’t taken our message to the general student population yet and honestly weren’t sure what to expect.

Luckily, it was a huge success!!!

We received a lot of positive feedback and signed on over 100 students to start receiving our monthly newsletter, listing the latest and greatest cause-driven projects.

Sammie, April and myself, making memories and spreading the Milaana love!

We had 4 wonderful ambassadors on the day joining me, two busily manning the stalls of the clubs they’re respectively Presidents of (busy bees!) and 2 joining me as we manned our little table and roamed around the students. Our core pitch to the students went something like this –

Hi! Have you thought about doing an internship while your at Bond? Yeah? Well we can help you with that! What are you studying? Perfect! Milaana’s website will connect you with project-based internships that not only provide you with a great experience, but also directly benefit the community! We’re just starting up so you can check out our Facebook page and sign up at the stall to receive updates about all the great new projects!

While some students were already undertaking internships and a few weren’t interested in community engagement, I was blown away by the number and diversity of students who were!


All in all it was a fantastic event and I’m so proud of our Ambassadors who were truly shining with passion and energy as they spread the word. We learnt a lot and plan to make our next event at UQ’s Market Day and even greater success!!

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