Hero Profile – April!

1522046_10151927394872183_1720637686_nName: Sweetsheil April Velez

Age: 21

Country: Philippines

University: Bond University

Studying: Bachelor of International Business

Area of Interest: Marketing, Design, Accounting

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, watching TV, practicing guitar.

Briefly describe yourself. Where you’re from, what you’re doing, what your dreams are and something quirky!

My name is Sweetsheil April, but call me April. I am originally from the Philippines but I moved to Australia 8 years ago to find great opportunities to study so I can become an expert at something that can benefit the society, no matter what job it is as long as it’s fun. I always imagined myself running a cafe or a cupcake shop as long as it serves coffee but no matter what I bake, it always turn out wrong so I guess that’s a no for now. My dream is to simply find happiness in life. Being happy can lead you to make great decisions no matter what it is and if you are happy with your work/life then you do what you love and love what you’ll do in the future.

What made you want to join Milaana as a Hero? 

Joining Milaana is my first step in getting real world experience. I want to make an impact by helping Milaana carry out different tasks and making it grow. Whether the tasks include design, research and filing up a database, it is such fun place to work with people from different backgrounds and eventually learning from your experience. Being able to join as a Milaana Hero, I am excited to work as a team to learn while having fun.

Have you ever done an internship before besides Milaana? 

No, I mostly do volunteer work back in the Philippines and help the unfortunate ones. This internship with Milaana will be my first internship as I mostly focused on my studies while at Bond.

Sammie, myself and April spreading the Milaana passion at Club Sign-On day

Your experiences with Milaana so far.

So far my experiences with Milaana have been great. Recently, I have made a wonderful experience with Milaana as one of the Ambassadors. I was able to approach and share what Milaana is all about to the students at Bond University during the Club Sign On Day.

The best thing about the experiences so far is we were able to use our resources effectively, so we always put our entrepreneurship hats on while working in a library space. All experiences count as we give everything that we know and the people we help will also give back to us.

When you complete your placement for Milaana, what do you want to have achieved? And what is next for you?

I want to achieve the knowledge and experiences obtained from Milaana and use that to take me to the next step. After my graduation in February, I want to find a stable job and work in a business field where I can work full-time and help people at the same time

Describe Milaana and your experience in under 10 words.

“Milaana is an opportunity that allows me to connect with people in a different way.”

As a Milaana Hero, what skills and abilities have you improved?

So far I have mainly done small jobs for Milaana and it has gained me a real world experience in working in teams in a real life project. Understanding different concepts and ideas from people with different backgrounds and the ability to express my ideas with the other Milaana heroes has been smooth. Another advantage in working with Milaana is being able to take on projects you want to take. Due to limited knowledge of other Milaana heroes in undertaking a particular project, it gives a drawback to some teams. However, this is not a huge issue for Milaana as we want to focus on what projects suits us best and therefore sharing ideas can help us improve and we can become a strong team.

Would you recommend Milaana to your friends?

I would strongly recommend Milaana to friends who want to join and have fun while carrying our own projects/tasks. It’s a fun-friendly environment where everybody can get along while working on our projects!

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