Milaana is getting Incubated!

Incubate (ˈɪŋkjʊbeɪt/) verb
1.  (of a bird) to sit on (eggs) in order to keep them warm and bring them to hatching.
2. Develop – grow, progress, unfold, or evolve through a process of evolution, natural growth, differentiation, or a conducive environment.

When I think of “incubation” I think of a row of little eggs, glowing warm in the light of their heater which works hards to ensure the right temperature. Not too hot, not too cold, to encourage the growth and health of the little chicks.

I suppose thats no too far from Milaana’s new opportunity, 6 little start-up eggs coming together at Bond University with the support and environment to help give them a healthy start!


Thats right, last week Milaana was announced as one of six “high-potential start-up enterprises” to be awarded a place on the INCUBATE Summer accelerator program being run at Bond University over 12 weeks from January until April 2014!

This award-winning start-up accelerator program provides recipients with business advice and mentoring from some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, as well as potential seed funding, office resources and access to an on-campus co-working space.

incubate program-icon-banner

I am so excited and humbled for Milaana to be selected for this program, it’s going to be a huge 12 weeks ahead filled with growth and exploration as we all work to build traction in the lead up to the National ‘Demo Day’ Pitch evening in Sydney!!!!

The INCUBATE start-up accelerator and entrepreneur program, co-founded in 2012 by two entrepreneurial students and developed by the University of Sydney Union, has helped launch 16 new start-ups and cultivated the first start-up community at Sydney University.

In October 2013, INCUBATE partnered with Google to expand the program to universities across Australia. Program Manager of INCUBATE, James Alexander, said the program’s aim was to create Australia’s first national network of global-thinking entrepreneurs at universities.

This will be the first time the program has been run at Bond University.

Our Teams (l-r): Garrick, Josh and Dion (ExAureus), Karin (Financially Fabulous), Tres (Program Advisor), Azhar (Wottever), Holly (Wheres Woody) and the other Hollie – Me! (Gemma from Moon Mama wasn’t present for this photo but is the final start-up star!)

The teams are all fantastic and there are wonderful people behind them who i’m looking forward to getting to know better over the coming weeks! Let the incubation begin!

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