Hero Profile – Veronica!

%0AMaria Veronica Cazut

Age: 30          Country: Argentina

University: The University of QLD

Studying: Master in Communication for Social Change

Area of Interest: Community development

Hobbies: Cooking, playing the guitar and learning new stuff

Describe yourself. Where your from, what your doing, what your dreams are and something quirky!

My name is Veronica; I’m from Argentina and came to Brisbane last year to study a Master in Communication for Social Change at UQ.  As a Bachelor in  Social Communication and after having worked briefly in the coordination of social programs, I felt that I needed more frameworks to understand the complexities of different communities and diverse tools to help them to create the realities they want to create.

I am very happy with what I´ve found in Australia and Brisbane…a vibrant and friendly environment, excellent weather and lots of people thinking in creative ways! In my free time, I enjoy cooking for friends, walking around the city and playing the guitar. I am very good at the first one, love to do the second one…and I’m pretty bad at the last one…but still enjoy it as part of my life!

What made you want to join Milaana as a Hero?

IMG_0020I was looking for an organization where I could carry out a practicum that is part of my Master program. I found Milaana on the feeds of a friend´s facebook and felt intrigued about it. I really liked the idea of connecting students with community oriented organization…in fact that is what all my colleagues and I needed at that exact moment! What I liked the most from Milaana is that it is creating a solution for students and organizations, using accessible technology in a way that is simple to understand apply and utilize. But far from being “simplistic”, that solution is based on a solid business plan and with a strategic vision. In two words: social innovation!

Describe Milaana and your experience in under 10 words.

“A vibrant environment to gain practice, learn from others and serve”

What makes Milaana different from other internships/ work experiences you had? Describe your experiences with Milaana so far?

photoWorking in an organization that is taking off is a challenge and a privilege. On one hand, it implies to help to lay the foundations of what should grow from here, with the amount of work and responsibilities that that involves. But it is also a great opportunity to bring together new ideas, be ingenious and even a little daring! Definitely, what makes Milaana different is its vibrant working environment: everybody is treated with respect and the flowing of ideas is highly encouraged!

In that sense, it is impossible that you do not end up enriched by everybody’s ideas, experiences and discoveries.

When you complete your placement for Milaana, what do you want to have achieved? And what is next for you?

IMG_0084First, I expect to have helped Milaana in some of its communicational needs. Personally, I feel that I am learning more about the realities, opportunities and difficulties of setting a social enterprise, and that is something I was really interested in. In the future, and as a dream and projection I would love to continue working with social business and community organizations …and probably helping with the expansion of Milaana in South America…why not!?

As a Milaana Hero, what skills and abilities are you improving?

The projects I will develop with Milaana involve planning communication strategies, developing organizational contents and implementing engagement workshops.

Why should your friends use Milaana?

I would convince them for its simplicity and functionality…but I could not leave beside the value component: You should use Milaana because is an organization with heart, founded and shaped by youth like you and me!


Thank you Vero!!! You have been absolutely instrumental to helping us to create and share our story, enabling us to communicate the heart and essence of Milaana to the wonderful world around us.

Gracias e un grande beso – Hollie and the Milaana Family

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