Milaana’s O-Week Adventures!

Milaana was finally able to start spreading it’s wings amongst South East QLD’s students during our pilot Awareness Campaign during the first week of the university semester!

IMG_0018We visited three campuses over three mornings to join in their o-week festivities at the end of Frebraury and had a blast while sharing Milaana’s message and vision. 

Lily and I spreading the word at QUT!
Lily and I spreading the word at QUT!

A lot of preparation went into the events, finding and preparing our ambassadors but we were really making it up as we went having never done something like this before. While we had a great response at Bond University we were taking it to the huge universities of Griffith (nathan campus),  QUT (Gardens point campus) and UQ and it was too be a true test of how the general student population would receive Milaana. So with our bright new t-shirts, pamphlets and big smiles, we took the uni’s by storm!  

I was joined by some of Milaana’s wonderful heroes – April, Nelson and Rahul and had new Milaana Ambassadors Lily and Iszy to join in the fun!

We were blown away by the support and by the end of our 3rd and final day, had almost 500 students in total that had registered with Milaana to undertake an internship with heart!

But enough from me – here’s what some of our Hero’s had to say! 

Nelson, April and Rahul excited and ready to introduce Griffith Students to the wonderful world of Milaana!
Nelson, April and Rahul excited and ready to introduce Griffith Students to the wonderful world of Milaana!

Nelson – Being part of Milaana is really a great adventure. The O-week starts with mixed feelings, perhaps is anxiety or just feeling nervous about what is going to happen. Then, you realize you have a great story to tell and once the students take the chance to listen to all the embassadors, they like it and sometimes think it is too awesome to be true. The truth is that it is awesome what Milaana is doing and I feel proud of being part of it!

Rahul – It was exciting to share Milaana’s story with students and envision them with a route to their realize dreams. Conversing as a friend and sharing Milaana story, helped students settle in a friendly comfort zone rather than a sales talk and allowing them to better understand how Milaana can help them. I never knew connecting hearts of students would be so much fun and satisfying.

If you missed us at the uni events, fear not! You can visit and click “Join us!’ to register your interest and receive our awesome newsletters!

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