Milaana does TEDxUQ

TED Talks have been my connection to so many of the incredible thought leaders in our world today, keeping my brain challenged and horizons broadened since I first started following the podcasts back in 2008. My longstanding respect for, and admiration of, TED was recently brought to a new level.  I attended my first TEDx event on the 29th of March when Milaana was invited to TEDxUQ 2014 to help facilitate breakout session activities.

IMG_0229 - Version 2

There was an AMAZING array of speakers and performers – Gemma Sisia, Bill von Hippel, Kim Wilkins, Dimity Dornan, Fred D’Agostino, Joel Gilmore, Tim Kastelle and Christopher Drake  (GOOGLE THEM ALL!!!). The diversity of topics was almost as impressive as the quality of the content and the thoughtful ideas.


The overarching theme this year was old ideas, new world and all the talks had fantastic angles  to approach this from. To combine their theme with our own passion for empowering students, our activity got attendees to take over the TEDx’s giant X!! Attendees wrote a cause they are most passionate about and hash tagged in their skills and ideas for contributing to those causes.  A core goal of Milaana is empowering student to envision a future where they can combine their career development with the causes they care about.

I’m continuously blown away but the heartfelt causes and the breadth of ideas that come out when students are empowered to communicate them. If you never ask the question, you’ll never find the answers and the answers lay in the leaders of tomorrow.


One of the day’s star speakers – Christopher Drake – is passionate about Student Entrepreneurship and he’s moving and shaking to make it happen!


There were so many big hearts and greats causes as you’ll see below. For more inspiration, check out the full Facebook album of photos here!


A huge thank you to the wonderful team behind TEDxUQ for putting on such a great event and inviting us along!


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