Milaana Connects! UQ BSPA Event

Connection. There is nothing quite like the energy that is sparked when like-minded people connect.

This is why we love what we do at Milaana so much, we simply help to connect like minded people through community focused projects. Whilst its wonderful to utilise the magic of the internet and software to enable connection anytime, anywhere, it’s even better to experience the joy of connection in person. 2014 BSPA Milaana event promo image

Viv, Bittu and Jose from the BSPA Exec Team
Viv, Bittu and Jose from the BSPA Exec Team

To achieve this, we partnered with UQ’s Business School Postgraduate Association (BSPA) to put on a afternoon of real life connection!

Milaana brought along a series of amazing speakers with current projects on and the BSPA brought the students and the cupcakes! One of the greatest things about this event was showcasing the incredible local initiatives we have here in Brisbane.

Our speakers sharing their own stories of how they’d come to combine they career with a cause they are passionate about, as well as the stories and visions of their organisations and opportunities for students to get involved!Our speakers included;



Director of the Ethical Advisors Cooperative. A platform to increase awareness about responsible investing.

Impact Project: Awareness Campaign

Jasmine Gailer of Scar StoriesJASMINE GAILER.

Founder of Scar Stories. Supporting young adult cancer survivors through creative initiatives. Check out the amazing piece she wrote about this event!

Impact Project:  Scar Stories Events

Brett Leavy of NRIS


General Manager of the National Indigenous Radio Service. Facilitating First Nations voices through broadcast & internet radio.

Impact Project:  Systems Analysis


Founder of Startup Creative. Educating young people about the benefits of creativity and passion that can be born and nurtured through entrepreneurship

Impact Project:  Startup Intensive

Ryan Cotterill  of Undress Runways


Art Director of Undress Runways. Spreading awareness of sustainable fashion & supporting ethical fashion designers

Impact Project:  Undress Brisbane


Fundraising & Marketing Director at the Brisbane Youth Service. Helping disadvantaged/homeless young people & their children since 1977

Impact Project:  Celebration Cocktail Event


Founder of Yonder. Dedicated, formal & experienced support for social entrepreneurs.

Impact Project: Launching Yonder!  IMG_0111 I promoted Milaana’s own coordinator and ambassador positions as well as speaking on behalf on some more great local initiatives like Bust a Move Dance, Tour de Office, and the award winning – SEED!

All the wonderful speaks for the event! L-R Karen mcLeod, Hollie Gordon, Ryan Cotterill, Kaylene Langford, Jasmine Gailer, Brett Leavy, Richard Langford, Peter Ball
All the wonderful speaks for the event! L-R Karen McLeod, Hollie Gordon, Ryan Cotterill, Kaylene Langford, Jasmine Gailer, Brett Leavy, Richard Langford, Peter Ball

And then we let the real connection begin! The students rushed to talk with our speakers about their stories and opportunities and it was a wonderful thing to sit back and enjoy! IMG_0212

IMG_0216 We received some great applications to the promoted projects as a result with some wonderful success stories no doubt just around the corner! A huge thank you to the exceptional BSPA team for helping to organise such a wonderful event and all the students who’s enthusiasm really made it a great success! Looking forward to doing it all again next semester! Check out what great projects we are currently promoting on Milaana! IMG_0226

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