Hero Profile – Sophie!

Sophie Wood

Age: 21Sophie Hero Interview     Country: Australia

University: Griffith University Gold Coast

Studying: Marketing and Journalism

Area of Interest: Blogging, social enterprise and marketing for social change

Hobbies: Reading, writing and blogging

Briefly describe yourself and tell us something a little quirky.

Hi I’m Sophie! I am a marketing and journalism student studying at Griffith University Gold Coast. I spend most of my spare time reading, writing and going to cool new places with my wonderful friends. I grew up in Coffs Harbour in NSW and have lived on the Gold Coast for three and a half years. I finish my degree at the end of 2015 and can not wait to go somewhere different and explore new surroundings! My go-to quirky fact is that I can’t ride a bike despite being taught when I was younger.

What made you want to join Milaana as a Hero?

I was immediately intrigued and fascinated as soon as I heard about Milaana. I thought to myself “Yes, this is exactly what university students need”. I love being a Milaana Hero because it is an organisation run by amazing university students just like myself. Everyone is passionate and excited about the cause and there is a lot of room for experimenting and trying new things!

Describe Milaana and your experience in under 10 words.

Wonderful people doing wonderful things!

As a Milaana Hero, what skills and abilities are you improving?

In my role as Social Media and Content Creator I am currently working on improving my writing and marketing skills. However I am also improving my teamwork, organisation skills and working to a deadline.

What do you hope to achieve during your internship with Milaana?

Mostly I would like to improve my skills, gain invaluable experience and have fun while doing it! I am also very excited about meeting people with similar interests to me and gaining a network of contacts. Milaana is the perfect environment to use my skills and experiment with possibilities.

Why should your friends use Milaana?

My friends should use Milaana because it is the perfect opportunity to gain experience, work with great people and make a difference!

Would you recommend Milaana to your friends?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Definitely!

What is next for you? Where do you see yourself in five years?

My main priorities at the moment are to finish my degree and gain experience in my field. In five years I would really like to be working as a freelance writer and working for an organisation that I love. I can see myself in an amazingly cute home office spending my days writing and drinking tea. Ahhh bliss!

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