Milaana and the Google AdWords Project

Milaana and a group of students from The University of Queensland teamed up last semester for a Google Marketing Online Challenge. The project involved creating and running a Google AdWords campaign for their selected client, Milaana!

Google Adwords


The campaign ran for three weeks with the main objectives being to:
• Increase brand awareness
• Bring positive impact toward Milaana
Encourage students to sign up

By working with a real life client in a real life situation the students were able to increase their knowledge and gain invaluable experience.

The results of the project were outstanding with the students helping Milaana to gain 44,501,236 click impressions and 22 signups for their three week campaign.

Google AdWords













Here is what the students had to say about Milaana:

“You never know what you can achieve and that is why you should try!”

“The team members are easy-going. You will be encouraged when you work with Milaana!”

“Milaana is passionate, enthusiastic and meaningful for interns looking for work experience and organisations willing to give internship opportunities.”

“The CEO of Milaana is a fun and kind person. She always explained things in detail and was always welcome to my questions.”

“Doing good for the community while doing good for yourself. Why not?”

“Milaana treat us not just as a project but as part of the team itself. It is just like a family!”

Check out the great video they also made!

Milaana would like to give a big shout out to Petrus Wimo, Abdel Jabbar, Le Le Na, Yin Wei and Adwitya Nugrahawati. Thank you greatly for all the wonderful work you achieved.

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