Milaana Visits: Bust A Move Dance

Well hello hello! Johan here reporting in on what was an absolutely fantastic visit to Ali Phillips at Bust A Move Dance!

Sometime last week I found myself slowly crawling up the many stairs into the MAD dance house in Brisbane, searching for the location of the fabled Bust a Move (BAM) dance lessons! My short quest found me in the studio #2 waiting lounge sitting with what I would soon discover were some very talented dancers and fast friends!

2014-07-17 17.02.23


As I was a few minutes early I sat down and looked around the room, the thoughts of attending a dance class flooding my mind with apprehension. As soon as I had placed my rather cumbersome bottom upon the seat, I was greeted with a very welcome smile from a bunch of the dancers. Before long they were all telling me about BAM and how Ali had turned them into a family who laughed and danced together.

After a short chat with Ali, I was quickly introduced to the assistant dancers and the rest of the dance group. Ali wasted no time and I soon felt sweat dripping down my brow. With calm authority she made certain we were each getting the most out of training. As I looked around the room I saw dancers dedicated to their passion. With a broad smile across my silly mug, I found myself busting out moves to the sound of the beat, all previous nervousness decimated by enthusiasm of my fellow dancers…

2014-07-17 16.51.53

It is at this point that I should tell you a bit about Ali and the BAM dace club. Ali is an energetic, fun and bouncy young lady, passionate about making sure everyone is free to feel equal and powerful in the world.

So what’s so special about BAM? As Ali told me, the only way you can really understand its uniqueness is by coming along for a class. However, in an effort to give some illumination on the matter, BAMD is a completely inclusive dance group. Proudly Ali and her dance instructors work with students of all ages who have a wide range of disabilities. A mix that I must say, make for a rather dynamic, stimulating and crazy fun dance class!

Well, it has gotten rather later than I thought, so I must sign off. But before I go, I will ask you to check out the BAM website. If you have an interest in dance, feel like supporting an organisation that strives to provide individuals with disabilities a chance to dance or perhaps just want to get sweaty and learn a new move then look BAM Dance up on!



Bust a Move Dance is a Brisbane Hip Hop Dance Program for children, teens and young adults with a disability.

They are currently looking for a Marketing and Communications Officer and Volunteers Coordinator to join the team. Check out these positions and more at

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