O-Week and Volunteer Fair Adventures!

WOW! What a big few weeks it has been for Milaana and probably you too! Two weeks ago students went back to uni in Brisbane and Gold Coast and Milaana came back with you! Here is a little compilation of our favourite moments…

First stop – Griffith QCA! On Monday 28th of July Milaana took our very professional banner out of storage and took it along to the Market Day activities at Griffith QCA. We started the day off with an early team meeting and then got straight into talking to the students.

Griffith QCA Market Day

Griffith QCA Market Day 2

Milaana ambassador Swati went along to help on the day and said that the experience was enriching. “People were happy to tell their stories and listen to mine!”

Ambassador Sean was also there to help out and had an exceptional and interesting experience. “Everyone I talked to seemed to open to the idea of Milaana. I have seen a wide range of reactions, from interest, heartfelt relief, appreciation and even surprise (especially when they heard that Milaana was free!)”

A few of the team members were even rocking some super cool Milaana henna!

Henna 1

Henna 2

Next stop – University of Queensland! On Wednesday 30th of July Hollie rounded up the team to take to UQ. Lulu, Rahul, Jack, Chelsea and Natalia were all on board to help on the day and had a huge amount of fun talking to different students and seeing what they were interested in!

UQ Market Day

UQ Market Day 2

Milaana Finance Hero Jack initially felt like Milaana had a bad stall location but after a little time was happy to see the crowds appear. “People that we first had conversations with brought their friends to our stall making it quite crowded. Everyone seems to be amazed by the power of such a helpful platform!”

Ambassador Chelsea was overwhelmed by the responses of students. “A few were unsure at the beginning but once we listed examples of businesses and charities that were involved a lot were more receptive and I guess they knew that Milaana was the real deal and produced results!”

Final Market Day – Griffith Nathan! We wrapped up a week of Market Days at Griffith Nathan where Hollie and Harrison shared the magic! The team enjoyed talking to a diverse range of students and brainstormed some ideas for future projects.

Griffith Nathan Market Day

Milaana ambassador Harrison was blown away by the student’s willingness and drive to be involved. “Had a huge atmosphere, people everywhere and so keen to be involved with Milaana!”

So that was the end of the first week and the last of the market days but Milaana wasn’t finished yet. Time to preach to the converted at Griffith Gold Coast and UQ Volunteer Fairs!

The Gold Coast crew came together on Tuesday morning 5th of August and set up their stall among a number of incredible not-for-profit organisations! The fair was all about volunteering so Milaana felt right at home and very excited about talking to students.

Griffith GC

Griffith GC 2

Social Media Hero Sophie had the best time finally getting the chance to talk about Milaana to the students at her university. “The vibe was so energising and I really enjoyed getting to talk to the students and getting excited! Good good good day spent with incredible people!”

Milaana team members Rahul, Natalia, Sean and Johan then visited UQ again on Wednesday 6th of August to catch the students that they didn’t get the chance to see the week before.

UQ Volunteers 1

Milaana Volunteers 2

Student Engagement Hero Rahul had a great time talking the benefits of volunteer work. “Amazing experience… so much learnt… felt humbled by some responses… great team work… everyone trying to help each other!”

Organisation Engagement Hero Johan was even more surprised by the students who responded by saying “Oh yes, I’m already a member!” He came to the conclusion that “Students really are so keen to get engaged in worthwhile projects!”

Milaana finished off the week at the Impact Youth Social Enterprise Conference where Hollie did the final keynote speech (blog post coming soon!). Overall, the last two weeks have been inspiring and energetic! We have been so excited to see our community grow and are looking forward to new horizons! Our team is only getting bigger so keep an eye out on www.milaana.org for all our newest projects and others too! Don’t forget to subscribe so that you won’t miss a thing!

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