Everyone Meet Chelsea!

QUT students have you seen this happy face around campus? Everyone meet QUT Team Leader Chelsea! Chelsea is a Business and Communications student who spends her spare time representing Milaana at her university. She is also responsible for a team of ambassadors whose main role is to get the good word of Milaana out there to students!

Tell us all about yourself. What is your story?
Hi my name is Chelsea Cunningham and I’m in my last semester at QUT studying a Bachelor of Business and Media and Communication.

How did you first hear about Milaana?
I heard about Milaana through Facebook. I liked the page and followed Milaana’s progress.


What made you want to join Milaana?
I’ve always found that there was a gap for students that were trying to attain work experience or find a way to enter the work force.

Milaana is that missing link that every student should be a part of. I think this is exactly what every university student needs.

What is your role and what does it involve? What is your favourite part of the role?
My role is being the QUT team leader. Our team is full of wonderful people with all different strengths and this makes my role a lot easier. Everyone is willing to help each other out when someone is overwhelmed or uni is quite consuming.

What skills and abilities are you improving?
My leadership and communication skills have definitely improved. I have to attend executive meetings and run QUT meetings and also checking that my group is available or needs help completing tasks.

What have been the highlights of working with Milaana and what has really challenged you and made you grow?

What I love about Milaana, is that it’s run by university students and people with similar circumstances.

This only means that everyone here wants to learn and grow through this cause as well as creating new things for Milaana.


What has been your biggest aha! moment? When did you start feeling like part of the Milaana family?
Definitely being part of the Facebook group reminds me I’m a part of the team haha! But it is listening and reading Hollie’s feedback videos and documents. It’s amazing to see how fast Milaana is growing and seeing its results. It’s all because of everyone’s hard work especially amongst the universities.

What really drives you and how are you going to change the world?
What drives me is when I see young deserving people doing well in their selected industries. It always lights a fire within me and motivates me to chase my dreams even more, and, it’s living proof that it can be done with a bit of hard work.

Age is definitely not a problem. So I’m going to change the world by running my own race and by putting positive energy out into the world and donating to charities closest to my heart.


What do you hope to achieve during your time at Milaana?
I’d really like to help establish Milaana on the QUT campus.

What is next for you? Where do you see yourself in five years?
I can only hope I’m in another city or country. I absolutely love to travel and if it’s through work, double bonus. But seriously it would be to end up working for an advertising agency as a copywriter or accounts executive. As long as I am being creative and useful I will be happy wherever I am in the world.

If you want an Impact Internship just like Chelsea’s then head to www.milaana.org and start browsing our incredible cause-driven projects!

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