Vero and Milaana’s Story

Everyone meet Vero! You may even recognise her from an earlier Hero Profile! Vero is an Argentinian who came to Brisbane to study a Masters in Communication for Social Change at the University of Queensland. Having already completed a Bachelor in Social Communication and briefly working in the coordination of social programs, Vero felt that she needed more frameworks to understand the complexities of different communities and diverse tools to help them to create the realities they want to create.

i slept and dreamt

During her time in Australia, she also jumped onboard as Milaana’s Communications Specialist where she met Milaana Founder Hollie and provided support in different communication and awareness raising activities. The goals for the project included providing support in the awareness campaign, helping to create information material for ambassadors and helping to improve the participation of students and organisations engaged on each project. That is, getting them involved in creating incredible success stories like this one and others!

However it isn’t all work and study for Vero! In her free time she enjoys cooking for friends, walking around the city and playing the guitar.

“I am very good at the first one, love to do the second one and I’m pretty bad at the last one…but still enjoy it as part of my life,” Vero said.

So what did Vero take away from her experience with Milaana? Vero found it stimulating to witness the start-up of a small social enterprise and see it achieve many of its first short-term goals. This helped her learning experience where she was able to gain knowledge about different online technologies and resources available to organise and promote social projects. Following this, she was able to put it all into practice by conducting a story-telling workshop with the Milaana team. The story-telling workshop is now an integral part of Milaana’s internal training.


“Vero brought an incredible amount of skill, experience and knowledge to this project. Her Masters in Communication for Social Change meant she had some incredible theories and exercises to apply from her studies. She is amazing with people and through her facilitation, literally drew the core essence and story of Milaana out from our team during the story-telling workshops that she designed and facilitated,” Hollie said.

Vero absolutely transformed Milaana’s communication strategies and built a solid foundation for others to build upon. Hollie admits she didn’t completely understand Vero’s capabilities in the beginning.

“I did not properly understand the depth of her studies or its specific focuses when she came on board so the role was initially much more general communications/marketing. After that first workshop when I saw her magic at play, I knew we had someone and something very special in our midst,” Hollie said.


However once Vero shone her light in the workshop, Hollie knew that she could do incredible things!

“Vero was oustanding, going above and beyond all expectations and leaving a deep and lasting impact on our organisation. As a start-up, understanding and communicating the essence of who we are and what we aim to achieve is crucial and something we really couldn’t have done so clearly and so early on without Vero’s help,” Hollie said.

So what advice can Vero give to all those bright and big-hearted students out there?

“Dream big, plan well, work hard, be surrounded by committed people and things will happen! The energy and stories of a leader can attract the right persons to a project. Commit, organise, plan, do, review and enjoy the process!”

A huge Milaana thank you to the incredible Vero who was one of our earliest heroes. Your work really helped Milaana to better understand the talent and motivations of our team members and allowed us to really maximise the value of their time with us!

Image 2

If you love what you just read then jump onto to see what great projects are waiting for you. Who knows, you may even be our next success story!

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