Everyone Meet Swati!

IMG_0099Everyone meet Swati! She originally came on board with Milaana as UQ Ambassador but recently stepped up to a Content Creator role. Swati has the most beautiful presence and this is absolutely illustrated through her wonderful way with words. She really embodies what it means to be a part of the Milaana team and is always spot on with her reflections! This is just a teaser to get you excited about what is to come, I ensure you there are a lot more amazing posts coming from this girl!

Tell us all about yourself. What is your story?
I am an accounting and finance student studying at the University of Queensland, who has a little heart but heaps of dreams.

I want to see the world and experience the variety it has to offer. Each day of my life I want to grow, live life, be happy, spread happiness and shout out to the world, especially to those who suffer, that there is hope, love and much more in life. Get up and grab what you truly deserve!

How did you first hear about Milaana?
I was at a University of Queensland Business School Postgraduate Association (BSPA) event where Hollie presented about Milaana and while she was doing that I knew that I got to be on board with her. It took me a while to get on board after that, because I was kind of sorting other stuff out at uni, but I was always following Milaana online and chasing Rahul, the team leader for UQ to arrange something for me at Milaana.

What made you want to join Milaana?
I feel connected to the values with which this organisation is driven – passion, love and support!

Wherever I go Milaana pulls my soul back. No matter how many other projects I may get engaged with, how big the academic load might fall on my shoulder, there is always a part in me that tells me over and over that there is an amazingly driven bunch of people who are dedicating their time each day in making a difference.

Where is your contribution in helping them achieve what they are after?


What is your role and what does it involve? What is your favourite part of the role?
I started my role with Milaana as a student ambassador for UQ and which has now transformed into getting engaged with various clubs and societies at uni and also creating content for Milaana to spread the word of Milaana.

What skills and abilities are you improving?
I believe I am improving gradually on doing professional communication, which I’d like to do more of. I’d like to engage myself more into other areas of work as well at Milaana and given a chance would also like to improve on administrative, managerial and interpersonal communication skills.


What have been the highlights of joining Milaana and what has really challenged you and made you grow?

I believe Milaana for me is all about pushing your boundaries and getting out of the comfort zone, conquering your weaknesses and shining bright.

However only challenge I have faced so far is of managing my time, which I’m trying to deal with and very much hopefully in the near future I’d be able to give more into Milaana and that too in different areas of work.


What has been your biggest aha! moment? When did you start feeling like part of the Milaana family?
My first aha! moment was during the brain storming session at one of our meetings with Hollie, where I suggested that there should be an FAQ section on our website and Hollie, without a thought, entrusted me with the responsibility of creating one. And then my biggest aha! moment so far was when Sophie messaged me asking if I would me interested in creating content for Milaana. That was so amazing because 1. I was looking for something like this already and it just appeared..whoop! And 2. Because now I would have something tangible to look at and say, yes! That’s my first creation and now look at this one, haven’t I come a long way?

What really drives you and how are you going to change the world?
Happiness drives me. I just want to be happy and see everyone else around me happy, with whatever it takes.

I want to see love all around and everyone living on this earth like one big family, supporting each other. Where there is trust, goodness, love and light.


What do you hope to achieve during your time at Milaana?
From my association with Milaana, I would like to develop on my people and managerial skills. Would like to gain more confidence in public speaking and improve on EQ a bit (I get overwhelmed so quickly) and have a network of lovely people!

What is next for you? Where do you see yourself in five years?
I am not sure. I do not have any specific goals for myself. I believe I am evolving each day, exploring myself and I do not think I’d be able to explore enough, my relationship with the existance ever. I just want to grow and improve each day as an individual, a member of my family and this society.

If you enjoyed this post then you’re going to be really excited for what is in store next! While you wait for more incredible posts from Swati, why not check out the great resources we have for interns and then apply for an ambassador role at UQ!

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