Everyone Meet Hannah!

Everyone meet Hannah! She is a student at QUT where she studies Law and Applied Science. Hannah is our legal know-it-all and is helping Milaana to achieve B-Corp status. She’s also involved in a number of other cool projects in the community and is the poster girl for achieving great things!

Tell us all about yourself. What is your story?

The best word to describe myself is ‘busy’. I’m studying two degrees (Law and Applied Science) and working three jobs (as a Paralegal, Student Ambassador and Tutor) – but I love it! I’ve always been quite involved with campus life at uni but I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to challenge myself.

Hannah 1

How did you first hear about Milaana?

I was speaking to one of my favourite lecturers about opportunities to get involved outside of uni and in the wider Brisbane community, and she put me in touch with Hollie.

After having coffee with Hollie and hearing all about Milaana’s mission from the woman herself, I was eager to get involved and help out.

What made you want to join Milaana?

The position presents a series of challenges that I haven’t faced in my studies or jobs yet. Although I still have a couple of years left until I finish my degree, working with Milaana has given me the opportunity to learn about the law and its application to social enterprise in a real-world setting, which is something I never would have experienced otherwise.

Hannah 2

What is your role and what does it involve? What is your favourite part of the role?

I’m Milaana’s ‘Legal Hero’! At the moment, I’m looking into the priority legal requirements for high-growth social enterprise start-ups. I’m working on improving our policies in relation to public liability, privacy and professional indemnity insurance, and my end goal is to help Milaana achieve B-Corp status.

“My favourite part is learning on the job and getting valuable experience in areas of the law that I haven’t even studied yet at uni!”

What skills and abilities are you improving? 

My role with Milaana has exposed me to a range of concepts of which I wasn’t previously aware of. I’m learning a great deal about the processes involved in setting up and maintaining an organisation, and the legal implications of doing so. Balancing this role with my uni studies and employment has helped to improve my time management skills, and I’ve become really good at making lists of short- and long-term goals to keep myself on track.

What has been your biggest aha! moment? When did you start feeling like part of the Milaana family?

On the first day I met the Milaana team, I immediately felt like part of the family. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, which made me even more determined to assist as much as possible.

Hannah 3

What do you hope to achieve during your time at Milaana?

“My goal is for Milaana to be one of the first few organisations in Australia to achieve B-Corp status. B-Corps (or benefit corporations) are a new type of corporate structure, which sits halfway between a business and a charity, and uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.”

Attaining B-Corp status will alert other companies to Milaana’s commitment to acting with social conscience and voluntarily upholding high standards of transparency, accountability and performance. Additionally, I hope to be able to assist in recommending and implementing strategies for growth within the organisation from a legal perspective.

What is next for you? Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I will have (finally) graduated my degree, and with any luck be working my dream job as an  In-House Counsel for a biotechnology firm or hospital. I also hope to continue my involvement within the social enterprise and entrepreneurship space, particularly in relation to youth empowerment.

If you have a passion and are excited about social enterprises, then you too can be a Milaana team member by viewing our available positions!

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