Who is the Milaana tribe?

Words by: Sophie Wood

The Milaana team recently went on retreat to Byron Bay where we spent five days revisiting our aims and knuckling down a solid plan for the semester ahead. IMG_0047

Two terms continued to pop up in our conversation – social leaders and tribes. From these conversations, we finally mastered our new and improved mission statement. Milaana is a tribe for social change. We connect, develop and empower social leaders. Has a good ring to it, right? So our mission statement is all fine and dandy but what does it actually mean? What is a social leader and what do we mean by tribe?

American author, entrepreneur and marketer Seth Godin popularised the term tribe in his book “Tribes: We need you to lead us” and TED talk “The tribes we lead”. Seth Godin defines a tribe as a group of people connected to an idea and one another. He explains that “a group only needs two things to become a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate”. The idea of a tribe really resonated with Milaana and we each began to tell stories about how it had already manifested within our own team. For example, the Milaana team are so passionate about a shared idea that we are constantly telling other people about it. In doing so, we attract more and more people, or tribe members, to the group. This is why the Milaana team has gotten so big in the past few months; none of us will stop telling our friends about it!


However a tribe is nothing without the ability to communicate. The Milaana team are lucky. We get to catch up over coffee every week and we’re constantly messaging each other and chatting. But what about people outside of our direct team? This semester, we want to focus on the students. We want students to feel our sense of tribe and join in on our shared ideas. That’s why we are starting student societies at each of the universities and running a range of events aimed at connecting students to other like-minded students. This semester, it is all about you!

So who are you and who makes up the Milaana tribe? Milaana identifies our tribe as a passionate group of “social leaders” who are diverse, supportive, ambitious and compassionate change-makers. University can sometimes be a difficult transition, especially if you’ve moved away from home or have no established friend groups. I was four years into my time at university before I could say “I’ve found my people, I’ve found my tribe”. The opportunity to spend time around like-minded people that share your passions is indeed rare. Some people have a really hard time finding “their people”. However with the rise of the internet and an increasing amount of people identifying niche passions and interests, tribes are beginning to pop up everywhere. There is no better time or place to join in on a movement than now!

To find out more about the Milaana tribe, you can head to our website or like us on Facebook. If you like what you see, then please join our open Facebook group ‘Milaana QLD Tribe’ or “Milaana NSW Tribe” to find out how you can become involved!


Check out our website: https://www.milaana.org/

Join our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Milaana.org

For more on Tribes go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=589tH-wtCak

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