Your Success

Words by Lucy Skadins

Success, Noun

1. the favourable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours; the accomplishment of one’s goals.

2. the attainment of wealth, position, honours, or the like.


From a young age many of us learned what society defined as success. More often than not, that success came from our external achievements. Success has been based on popularity, our physical appearance, our jobs, our career, material possessions and how much money we make. Is this how you define success?

You may decide to define your success in the ways just mentioned,  but remember to ask yourself, are such definitions true to you and your values? What achievements would make you truly happy? Remember, there are many ways to feel fulfilled and accomplished. As Marie Forleo says: The only correct definition of success is your own.

When we define what ‘success’ means to us, we have a clear outline of what we want to create and attract in life. This clarity enables us to pursue goals that reflect our values.

  So, what does success FEEL like or LOOK like to you?

My success is aligned with my goals and my goals are very much aligned with who I want to be.

I feel successful when I live more from the heart than from the head. When I trust my loving intuition to guide me, following your heart is always a success.

Success is being in touch with nature.

Success is when I make and maintain genuine friendships.

Success is dedicating time to expand my intellect and supporting my well being.

Success is showing up, as me.

Success is being in a job that I love, where I am free to explore my creativity and I am financially rewarded for it.

Success is when I notice how all endings become beginnings.

Success is inner peace despite external circumstances.

Success is letting go of my resistance to love

Success is using my talents and my abilities to be of service to others and make a positive difference.

YOUR TURN! Write down

What success looks like and feels like to you.


Place your definition where it will be visible to you, and aim for your success!


Wait, wait, wait, What about the F word?

You know, Failure…

A failure does not have to remain a failure, a failure becomes transformed when we learn the lesson.

Do not look away from failure, look at it authentically for what it was and seek to become a better person from it.



You see, Failure becomes a success when you choose to learn from it.

I asked the good folk at Milaana what success was, on their terms.

Check out what they had to say:



“Success is the feeling you have after you achieve a mini goal towards something you love, the feeling of happiness and restfulness coupled with inspiration and drive to do more.”



“Success is the feeling of joy after accomplishing something you set out to do. It’s setting a goal, achieving it, and feeling completely satisfied and happy.”



Success is waking up excited in the morning, living life with a sense of ease but also constantly challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone, doing the things you love and surrounding yourself with people who light your fire.”



“Success is the payoff from hard work – that abstract sense of accomplishment that usually comes from getting something done that wasn’t at all easy. But to be successful in the long term, that’s much harder. You just have to keep on taking on new challenges and overcoming them. It’s a state of constant effort and periodic reward”



“Success is when your soul sings with delight. Success is when you feel content and serene. Success is when you’re ready to move onto the next challenge without inhibition. Success is in each tiny moment that helps you to inch further along your unique, personal path. Success is when it hasn’t been a zero sum game (with a winner and a loser), but when all can have a net positive outcome for themselves and the overall community. Success is even more satisfying when shared and enjoyed by more people. “



“I consider myself successful when I have pushed myself to the limit to be the best that I can be. In that way, I know that I have achieved all that I can, and to me that is success.”



“Success is knowing that ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’ and everything you do is developing you as a person. Success is finding a balance between forward thinking and living in the moment.”



“Success is when I have put everything out there, heart, soul, everything and risked it all to then stand back and stand back and look at the achievement whilst thinking, did I do that”



“Success is achieving your own personal goals and being happy with where you are in life.”



“Success is the pride you feel watching your efforts produce something great for others.”


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