Everyone Meet Frank!


Name: Frank Sikalas

Age: 32

What do you study: Griffith University-Graduate Certificate in Marketing

Position at Milaana: Griffith Tribe Leader

What inspires you to engage with your community?

Creativity, culture and innovation are the underlying essence of everything that I do. This is what drives me to share and inspire others within the community.

What’s your best remedy for stress?

I would have to running as far and as fast as possible. Also, chi kung and sketching.

Why did you join Milaana:

I wanted be surrounded by not only like minded people but people who think in more than 2 dimensions and who dream big.

What do you hope to achieve during your internship with Milaana?

I hope to be harness and develop skills as well as learn new ones. I want to help Milaana progress and evolve.

Will you integrate your ‘social’ interest into your career, or pursue it on the side?

I believe I will do both depending on the opportunity and environment.


What are your sources for inspiration:

Loving Alan Watts

“I always asked the question, what would you like to do if money were not the object, how would you really enjoy spending your life?” – Alan Watts

Great to meet you Frank!

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