Everyone Meet Olivia


Name: Olivia Shaw

Age: 21

What do you study: UQ- Bachelor of Business Management

Position at Milaana: Team Leader/President

What inspires you to engage with your community?

The need for people who have been educated to advance a cause. What is great about the millennial generation is as a whole we are well educated, sympathetic to causes and have the technology to enact change on a global scale.

What’s your best remedy for stress?

Reading, anything that requires focus is a kind of meditation especially since nobody gets enough of that anymore.

What social issue is bugging you at the moment and what do you see as a possible solution?

Poverty, particularly starving children. Solution- More awareness from everyone in first world countries that everyone can make a difference by using their purchase power to make a difference (charity doesn’t seem to work, but buying something you need where part of the profit goes toward creating a solution to social issues is a viable solution). Corporate led efforts to increase pay, education, healthcare, contraception, shelter, safe food and water.

Why did you join Milaana:

I think in order to actually make social change you have to work with the system not against it. This led me to learning advertising with the intention of using advertising for good (all it is is communication after all), which led me to the impact youth social enterprise conference, which led me to Milaana- because more hands make light work and students often feel like they don’t have enough to offer despite having been through years of university education (empowerment).

What do you hope to achieve during your internship with Milaana?

Understanding the details of organising a team. I have led most of my university team projects for courses but they were mainly just written material and theory rather than organising the logistics of events etc.

(From Left) Hayden, Olivia, Miranda

What does it take to be a social changer?

Be passionate about an issue and the solutions needed to solve that issue. Really, just be passionate about creating positive change for others.

Where would you like to be, how would you like to feel, in five years’ time?

I would like to be learning all I can from an advertising position in the corporate world.

Will you integrate your ‘social’ interest into your career, or pursue it on the side?

Yes my intention is to learn all I can from the craft to apply it to social enterprises that lack exposure. I’d love to come up with a magic formula for making it profitable yet affordable for the social enterprises.

Advice you give yourself and other university students?

Pushing your own boundaries is the best way to learn and become more of what you want yourself to be. One example of this is being around people who you wish to be more like will, who may seem out of reach. Continuously developing is very rewarding.

(From Left) Olivia, Anna, Miranda

What does it mean to you to be part of a tribe of social leaders?

It means I can expand my network, feel supported and be inspired by change-makers.

Favourite TED talk or sources of inspiration

Dan Palotta- The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Nice to meet you Olivia!

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