5 TED Talks to Help You Get Motivated!


Words by: Alison Killen As we reach the business end of the semester, there’s lots of work to be done. But are you working hard or hardly working? How many times have you needed to study but you can’t find the motivation? Procrastinating for days or weeks on end until it’s the night before an exam and you’re in freakout mode? Yeah, we’ve all been there at some time or another. But why is motivation so hard to find? What exactly is motivation and where does it come from? At Milaana we love TED talks and we hope these five can give you some answers. Maybe they’ll get you back up and running, too. Or maybe you’re just looking to procrastinate for a little while longer – either way we’ve got the goods. Good luck with exams and assessment, everyone!

  1. The psychology of self-motivation | Scott Geller | TEDxVirginiaTech

Professor Scott Geller talks about the importance of self-efficacy in internal motivation, and the benefits of seeking success versus avoiding failure.

  1. Greg Mcevilly on Motivation

Social entrepreneur Greg Mcevilly talks about love and fear as our two primary motivators – he asserts that actions we take can have huge consequences depending on where our motivation comes from.

  1. Dan Pink – The Puzzle of Motivation

Dan Pink talks about the importance of intrinsic motivation and purpose.

4.    Predictably Irrational – basic human motivations: Dan Ariely at TEDxMidwest Dan Ariely talks about studying human motivation, where it comes from and what influences it.

5.    Tony Robbins – Why We Do What We Do Motivational speaker Tony Robbins talks about what holds us back, what drives us forward, and resources vs resourcefulness.

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