Everyone Meet Sarah


My name is: Sarah Pincott

Age: 19

I Study:

UQ, Bachelor of Communications

My position at Milaana:

UQ First Year Representative

I joined Milaana because …

I aspire to tackle life with a 110% attitude and take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself so when I discovered the inspiring and passionate tribe of people at Milaana I couldn’t not want to be a part of it!

When you connect with like-minded people, all the doubts you may have had disappear and I guess the infectious enthusiasm and kind, thoughtful, yet so so diverse personalities of the tribe I found within Milaana made me want to jump on board!

During my internship with Milaana I …

Cannot wait to put the skills I am constantly learning during my studies into real-world practice, and in a position that is contributing and inspiring great things in the community and in university students to boot! I hope that this internship can improve my own skills on both educational and personal development levels, while also building close-knit relationships with everyone in the tribe and overall, allowing the team to succeed to the highest possible level!


Success to me is…

Not just about words on paper or a pat on the back, but that resounding feeling of pride and accomplishment in your work. I am a very giving person, and so when I can see my contributions and aspirations reflected by and in others, that is when these moments shine for me!

I am finally learning to listen to Mum’s words of wisdom and ‘learn from my mistakes’. By doing so, I have found so much positivity in things that I would previously have brushed aside as a failure. This positivity and a healthy outlook are successes in themselves too.

Ultimately, success should not be pigeonholed as a task on a list, or even a particular emotion or feeling. It is something so important for each individual to find out for themselves! A feat that can only be achieved by trying, learning and constantly reflecting on the wins, (and the losses) life can throw your way.

I hope to integrate my ‘social’ interest into my career…

We all wishfully aspire or secretly hope that our future careers will be everything we ever dreamed of! I guess working in a field that you love and are passionate about – a job that makes work something you love doing everyday – is a laughable thought to some, but I really hope that ‘dream career’ becomes a reality for me. With that in mind, I cannot wait to reach a point in my working life where I can make a real difference and inspire others by combining my personal aspirations and ‘social’ interest with my career!

Nice to meet you Sarah!

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