To Connect is to Care

Words by Hollie Gordon

Nietzche summed up our universal experience when he wrote,

Invisible threads are the strongest ties”.

That force which we do not see, but we can certainly feel.


It was only in my independence as a young adult that I began to truly value interdependence. It was another few years before I put its power into practice and only now, do I realise the importance of connection in tackling our biggest challenges. This is the story of how I learnt ‘to connect.

Like many young Australians, I had ‘island syndrome’, I HAD to get off the island! So the week I finished high school, I left on a 10 month solo adventure to explore our world.

Along the journey, I was staying with a beautiful family in Pune, India. During our time together they held my hand when I wanted to close my eyes to the many confronting scenes. This meant my eyes were wide open to the beauty and wisdom in this ancient land. Open, to see that in the extreme contrasts, was oneness. This was epitomised one afternoon when we visited the successful factory of a family friend and then, the slum that had emerged around it.

Click here to read the full story on Medium….slum

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