Milaana Personified

Milaana is much more than just a website, a social enterprise or a random (but epic!) Hindi word. Milaana is a community, a collective mentor and an example of what youth can achieve. For this reason, we felt the only way we could truly share the essence of Milaana was through her personification. Describing her as a person through the values and ideas that comprise who she is, what she does and what she believes.


  1. Milaana is the evolving embodiment of our team and community of inspiring change-makers; their passion, drive and ability.Milaana team photo on boarding social enterprise
  2. Milaana is a mentor, here to help create opportunities for others and to provide support along their journeys.
  3. Milaana is influential but always respectful of other people’s journeys.
  4. Milaana is constantly learning, challenging and innovating, aware of what she doesn’t yet know.
  5. Milaana is enterprising, driven and fierce in her commitment to make a positive impact. the future is not something we enter, it is something we create milaana team brainstorming


  1. Milaana exists to serve, to empower and to IMPACT When i dreamt i believed that life was joy, when i woke i found that like was service. Milaana tribe social enteprise
  2. Milaana leads and innovates through action, making it up as she goes but calling on an amazing community of advisors and support to help guide the journey.
  3. Milaana celebrates and supports all who share our mission of creating opportunities for Youth.
  4. Milaana inspires students to achieve more than they thought was possible by connecting them with a tribe
    of like-minded people Milaana tribe seth godin social enterprise
  5. Milaana authentically shares her journey and the stories of her community each step of the way.


  1. Milaana believes in the goodness of people and unleashing the power that everyone has to create a positive impact.
  2. Milaana believes in connecting people; and then watches these connections flourish as she takes a step back and cheers on as their biggest supporter. hollie gordon quote when we connect, we care. when we care, we act

  3. Milaana believes in being a pragmatic idealist. She dreams of how the world could work and then rolls up her sleeves to create the necessary change.maraget mead, small group of thoughtful, committed citizens, milaana tribe
  4. Milaana believes in the responsibility of privilege and the privilege of responsibility
  5. Milaana believes that doing ‘well’ personally and doing ‘good’ for the community should be one in the sameWe rise by lifting others milaana

If your organisation or an organisation you admire were to be thought of as a person, how would you describe them?

let the beauty of what you love be what you do milaana

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