To Connect is to Care

Words by Hollie Gordon Nietzche summed up our universal experience when he wrote, “Invisible threads are the strongest ties”. That force which we do not see, but we can certainly feel. Connection. It was only in my independence as a young adult that I began to truly value interdependence. It was another few years before I put … More To Connect is to Care

The Emotional Benefits of Volunteering

Words by: Sophie Wood  We all know that volunteering is good. Good for the community, good for people who need help and definitely good for the resume (don’t pretend you weren’t thinking it). However I’ve recently read some articles and statistics that say volunteering is equally beneficial for your emotional health. For example, statistics have … More The Emotional Benefits of Volunteering

The Tao of Leadership: Timeless Advice for Changemakers

By Lucy Skadins How useful is leadership advice from the 4th to the 6th Century BC? The answer may surprise you. You may have heard of the Tao Te Ching.  Perhaps you have seen Lao Tzu quotes all over the internet? The Tao Te Ching is 81 verses of wise sayings and advice traditionally attributed … More The Tao of Leadership: Timeless Advice for Changemakers