Open Source

Welcome to Milaana’s Open-Source Community!

  • Community organisations can use our tools to scope great projects for students and share them through local universities and our online tribes.
  • Students can search our inspiring stories and resources to help them secure impact placements. They can also share their success stories of impact placements and #dowelldogood
  • Anyone can start their own Milaana in their community as we will be open sourcing the code, culture and how we built Milaana it and providing active support to any courageous  leaders!
  • Change makers, Startups and Social Enterprises can learn from our journey (we’ll be writing some articles about our journey and lessons learnt) and share their own stories to inspire others.

Milaana is open-sourcing our code, culture and systems so that ANYONE can start their own Milaana community of connection. It’s easy for any student or budding entrepreneur to start their own community of connection. If you’d like create a market place and community for Impact Placements, the process is distilled in 4 simple steps

Starting an Impact Placement Community

  1. Engage local community organisations who could use the help of skilled volunteers!
  2. Form a community of students looking for opportunities to develop professionally whilst also helping their community!
  3. Help organisations create great opportunities with our tools and communicate these to the students!
  4. Support the placements by checking in and then capture and share the success story at the end to inspire more!

You can operate this simply through a university society off excel spreadsheets and google docs or, you can utilise the Milaana source-code and continue to improve it as an automate platform.

Open Source Resource – Milaana’s Software Features

CONTACT US to express your interest so we can actively support you and stay tuned as we post our resources here.

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