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  • Does your organisation positively impact the community?
  • Would you like to engage talented students to support you as skilled volunteers?
  • GREAT! Milaana is here to help!

At Milaana, a team of young change-makers has crafted the best way for organisations like yours to create Impact Placement opportunities for students to intern with you. 

No one wants to see an ad for a “Marketing Intern” to do a “broad range of undefined social media type things” as they often lead to underwhelming experiences for both the organisation and the student. Our parameters ensure it is a WIN-WIN-WIN for your organisation, for the student and for the community.  

What is an Impact Placement?

Impact Placements are project-based opportunities that outline the;

  • Goals and Deliverables of the project 
  • Positive Impact for the student and for the community that this project creates
  • Number of positions available for each project 

For Example:

Project: Awareness Campaign- Youth Homeless Week

Goals: Developing a marketing strategy and implementing an online marketing campaign running for 2 months leading up to Youth Homeless Week. Increase awareness and spark engagement amongst key stakeholders through 3 events, 10 editorial pieces and on-going social media content.

Positive Impact: Student gets hands on experience in forming and implementing a local marketing campaign with an expert supervisor. Awareness is raised in the local community about the issue of Youth Homelessness and key stakeholders are provided with tools and forums to engage in supporting at risk youth. 

Positions: Market Research, Online Content Creator, Public Relations Assistant, Event Coordinator etc etc.


We have developed the following resources to assist you in the various steps along the lifecycle of a successful Impact Placement. We will update these resources from time to time so please subscribe to the blog to stay up to date.

Scoping an Impact Placement 

Starting the Placement

Managing the Placement

Ending the Placement 

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