To Connect is to Care

Words by Hollie Gordon Nietzche summed up our universal experience when he wrote, “Invisible threads are the strongest ties”. That force which we do not see, but we can certainly feel. Connection. It was only in my independence as a young adult that I began to truly value interdependence. It was another few years before I put … More To Connect is to Care

The Beginning But Never the End: A Journey, Reflection and Education

Words by Frank Sikalas My Milaana journey started the day I decided to go to a volunteer fair at the University of Queensland (UQ). I walked in and saw many different stands and organisations. As I walked past each one I noticed the interest was one sided. No one tried to capture my attention or … More The Beginning But Never the End: A Journey, Reflection and Education

Everyone Meet Sarah

My name is: Sarah Pincott Age: 19 I Study: UQ, Bachelor of Communications My position at Milaana: UQ First Year Representative I joined Milaana because … I aspire to tackle life with a 110% attitude and take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself so when I discovered the inspiring and passionate tribe of people … More Everyone Meet Sarah

Everyone Meet Hayden

Name: Hayden Wilkinson Age: 22 What do you study: BA (Hons) + BSc at the University of Queensland Position at Milaana: UQ Staff and Administrative Engagement Coordinator What’s your best remedy for stress? Hitting the pavement and running for as far as my legs will take me; Why did you join Milaana: Seeing the range … More Everyone Meet Hayden

Everyone Meet Olivia

Name: Olivia Shaw Age: 21 What do you study: UQ- Bachelor of Business Management Position at Milaana: Team Leader/President What inspires you to engage with your community? The need for people who have been educated to advance a cause. What is great about the millennial generation is as a whole we are well educated, sympathetic … More Everyone Meet Olivia