To Connect is to Care

Words by Hollie Gordon Nietzche summed up our universal experience when he wrote, “Invisible threads are the strongest ties”. That force which we do not see, but we can certainly feel. Connection. It was only in my independence as a young adult that I began to truly value interdependence. It was another few years before I put … More To Connect is to Care

The Emotional Benefits of Volunteering

Words by: Sophie Wood  We all know that volunteering is good. Good for the community, good for people who need help and definitely good for the resume (don’t pretend you weren’t thinking it). However I’ve recently read some articles and statistics that say volunteering is equally beneficial for your emotional health. For example, statistics have … More The Emotional Benefits of Volunteering

Everyone Meet Olivia

Name: Olivia Shaw Age: 21 What do you study: UQ- Bachelor of Business Management Position at Milaana: Team Leader/President What inspires you to engage with your community? The need for people who have been educated to advance a cause. What is great about the millennial generation is as a whole we are well educated, sympathetic … More Everyone Meet Olivia

Community Collaboration: The Story of a River Dolphin

 Word by: Lucy Skadins At Milaana, our mission is to empower and inspire future social leaders. This requires personal and professional development as well as community engagement. Social leaders are created when their ambitions thrive from community collaboration and they can work collectively to create solutions to community issues. What begins as an individual endeavour … More Community Collaboration: The Story of a River Dolphin

Social Enterprise Spotlight: Gifts4Good

At Milaana we love to shine a light on socially conscious organisations who welcome student volunteers. Please welcome Alison Gray, the founder of Gifts4Good, an online shopping portal where every purchase contributes to a good cause. How did you get the idea for Gifts4Good? The inspiration came from two places: 1)    I stumbled across several … More Social Enterprise Spotlight: Gifts4Good

Everyone Meet Miranda!

Name: Miranda Amey Age: 20 Study: Bachelor of Business Management (Majoring in Marketing) at The University of Queensland Position at Milaana: Society Engagement Officer at UQ Why did you join Milaana? I have always enjoyed volunteering and the prospect of internships and volunteer work for cause driven projects is something I was looking for. However, … More Everyone Meet Miranda!

Your Success

Words by Lucy Skadins Success, Noun 1. the favourable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours; the accomplishment of one’s goals. 2. the attainment of wealth, position, honours, or the like.   From a young age many of us learned what society defined as success. More often than not, that success came from our external … More Your Success