Creating A Career Where You Truly Believe In What You Do

If there was nothing holding you back in life and you had the choice to do anything, what career would you choose? Does your answer relate to what you are doing now? If not, then why? Why not live a life and career that you love? Milaana thinks that creating a career where you truly believe … More Creating A Career Where You Truly Believe In What You Do

Everyone Meet Ruby!

So I’m sure you heard a few weeks ago about how Hollie moved to Sydney and left the QLD Milaana team in the very capable hands of the wonderful Lucinda!? Well it turns out that Hollie is making a big name for Milaana down south in Sydney and is recruiting some awesome team members while … More Everyone Meet Ruby!

Milaana Features: Kaylene Langford from StartUp Creative

A few weeks ago I ventured down to the beautiful Burleigh Heads to meet with Kaylene Langford from StartUp Creative. Kaylene is young entrepreneur who recently began living the dream of “working for herself”. Her organisation, StartUp Creative, is a unique business incubator, professional development and mentoring program tailored specifically for young people. Kaylene and I … More Milaana Features: Kaylene Langford from StartUp Creative

Everyone Meet Lucinda!

When Hollie left for Sydney in July this year she left us in extremely capable hands. Everyone meet Lucinda, our Milaana QLD Engagement Manager and all-round incredible person! If there is ever something that can be fixed or improved, Lucinda is the first person on it. She transforms our processes and documents into works of … More Everyone Meet Lucinda!

The Impact Youth Social Enterprise Conference

Words by Sophie Wood (Milaana Social Media Hero)   Photography by Elise Stephenson (Impact Event Photographer) Three months ago I was browsing through my Facebook feed when I came across an event that sparked my attention. The Impact Youth Social Enterprise Conference was a three-day event that hosted a number of incredible speakers and engaging workshops. I’d … More The Impact Youth Social Enterprise Conference

How To Find The Perfect Internship Suited To YOU!

All students are realising they need experience, but how do they find good opportunities? And how do they make sure these opportunities are right for them? Before Milaana was founded, students were forced to trawl through pages and pages of charity lists and sites to locate internships that also benefit the community. It was often a tedious … More How To Find The Perfect Internship Suited To YOU!

SUCCESS STORY #2 – Nelson & Milaana

Impact Project: MILAANA Organisation – Milaana Pty Ltd   Supervisor – Hollie Gordon Student – Nelson Granja   Position: Technology and Innovation Intern Project: My internship with Milaana all started focusing on developing the international expansion strategy. However, given the circumstances of the company I decided it could be more helpful to undertake other projects like a competitor analysis, … More SUCCESS STORY #2 – Nelson & Milaana