About Us

 Why does Milaana Exist? 

  • We know students possess incredible skills and passions – but these are ignored and wasted as they struggle to find real-world experience.
  • We see amazing community organisations working hard to solve the challenges of our community – but they are under-resourced and often, out of touch with emerging ideas and technologies.
  • Students and community organisations have SO much to offer each other 


In early 2014 we launched a crowdfunded platform to connect students with the projects of community organisations for “Impact Placements”. It was called Milaana, which means “to connect” in Hindi. We had an amazing 2 years, connecting people, learning, growing across 2 states and building an amazing tribe along the way. As a grassroots startup though, we realised the biggest limit to the spread of our idea was our limited resources.

Now, we are sharing the love and open-sourcing so ANY org in the world can post impact placements, ANY student can learn and seek these opportunities and ANYONE can create their own platform like Milaana to facilitate connection in their community!

Welcome to Milaana’s Open-Source Community!

  • Community organisations can use our tools to scope great projects for students and share them through local universities and our online tribes.
  • Students can search our inspiring stories and resources to help them secure impact placements. They can also share their success stories of impact placements and #dowelldogood
  • Anyone can start their own Milaana in their community as we will be open sourcing the code, culture and how we built Milaana it and providing active support to any courageous  leaders!
  • Change makers, Startups and Social Enterprises can learn from our journey (we’ll be writing some articles about our journey and lessons learnt) and share their own stories to inspire others.

Please enjoy exploring our resources and reach out if you have any questions or would like to be part of our open source movement! It could be by writing articles, sharing your success stories or leading the creation of a new Connection community!

Just fill out the contact form and we will be in touch!

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Hollie I am working on a huge project atm. FOR SOPHIE’s SAKE a charity event to raise funds for westsde community care. Its being held during child protection wk. Wld love some people to students to get involved eg budding journos film tv marketing. Play being held 12 sept springfield . Lady mayoress and celebrity athlete Craig burns attending . Phone 0407167722 author/producer Luise manning

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