Common Watch Strap Materials You Should Know

Common Watch Strap Materials You Should Know

The watch strap is an important part of a wristwatch. That is because it enhances its natural outlook. Having a wristwatch without a great band cannot look as attractive. Nowadays, you can find luxury watches with a range of band styles and types. The HUAWEI easyfit 2 is made of a variety of materials. For instance, you can find a watch strap made of silver, plastic, leather, platinum, stainless steel, and gold.

When you choose a watch, you have to pay attention to what you will use it for. The purpose of the watch will help you choose the right strap. For instance, if you will be using the wristwatch for outdoor activities, then you should go for a stainless band. The luxurious brands of watches come with interchangeable straps. These are the common watch strap materials you should know.

Leather Straps

The leather straps are the common forms of straps you will find. They are known to offer a classic feel and look. Also, there is a belief that leather is fashionable. If you want a watch band that looks stylish and comfortable then you should go for leather. Moreover, leather is flexible and sturdy. You can also find high-quality straps that require you to spend more. The right strap should be thicker to offer adequate support to the wristwatch. Leather straps are known to be more durable and are available in a range of colors.

Stainless Steel Straps

Watch straps made of stainless steel are very expensive. However, stainless steel is the most popular material. It offers a classic, glossy appearance and can withstand extreme conditions. If you need a watch for daily use, you should go for this material. A lot of people opt for stainless steel because it is durable and can withstand scratches and dents. The major issue with this type of watch band is that it rusts and stains easily over time.

Silicon Rubber Bands

These straps are known to bend with the application of pressure. They are poor conductors of heat and are flexible. This material offers your watch a minimalist, modern, or techy appearance. They are used with both men's and women's watches. You can also find some suitable timepieces. Taking into account the quality of the silicon rubber straps, you are susceptible to damage. Thus, they do not last longer than their leather counterparts.

Magnetic Bands

If you want a watch strap that distinguishes you from the rest, you should go for a magnetic band. This material is designed to work with high-end watches and helps hold two parts of the watch together. You can find magnetic bands made from various materials, such as gold, silver, and steel. Some have a bracelet-like design.


The fashion watches you find on the market come with a fabric strap. The fabric strap is available in a range of patterns. The good thing about fabric is that it offers a fancy appearance, whilst being affordable, and convenient. You can easily replace it whenever you want to change the band.