Forms of High-Quality Custom Printed Packing Tapes

Forms of High-Quality Custom Printed Packing Tapes

Every industry has one fundamental thing they can't do without; for the packing industry, it's the packing tapes. They make a lot of shipments or storage of boxes that need sealing or wrapping. There are different types of packing tapes, some of which you can print on and others that cannot. Their material, thickness, and strength differ; thus, you have several options when buying. You can get a custom packing tape from Alibaba with your preferred specifications. Let us look at the different forms of high-quality custom printed packing tapes.

Types of high-quality custom printed packing tapes

Are you venturing into business and want to learn more about custom printed packing tapes? You are in the right place. These tapes allow you to add any vital detail concerning items in a box. It can be that the contents inside are fragile or for branding purposes. As you plan to have these custom tapes from Alibaba, knowing the different types allows you to decide what you want.

Box packing tape

It's the most common type used mainly for sealing boxes. Unlike most tapes, box packing tapes need no water application to activate, so they work well in all applications. They are brown in color or transparent, but you can customize them to change the look. The tapes are inexpensive and easily accessible for users. You can try them in your deliveries when on a budget.

Gummed tape

They are also paper tapes and ideal for light and heavy cartons. Gummed packing tapes come in various grades for different weights. If the box is heavy, pick the tape that suits that weight and vice versa. These tapes provide adequate security since they don't peel off easily. When you remove the tape, parts of the box also come off, so it's easy to tell if the carton has been tampered with; you must apply water to activate the gummed tape, which is a disadvantage. Also, it's expensive, but it's customizable if necessary. Many businesses still use this tape for packing.

Masking tape

You'll find masking tapes mostly where the painting is happening. Painters use it to cover sections where they don't want to apply paint. However, some people use them as temporary seals for boxes. High-quality masking tapes are durable, resist sunlight, and endure high temperatures. They come off quickly, and you can customize or print on them lightly. Almost every business has a masking tape on standby.

Tamper-evident tape

Like the gummed tape, it helps detect package tampering. It creates a strong between it and the package, so once you tear it away, it leaves printings. High-security shipments use this tape to maintain the box's authenticity. You can have details of your company printed for identification.

Bottom line

It's essential to pick the right packing tape before printing or customizing. Tapes behave differently on packages, so your need or weight of the box may dictate your choice. Not all packing tapes are customizable. The list above gives you some ideas of printable packing tapes which you can personalize to have high quality custom printed packing tapes with information about your company or items in a package.